Rob Turner - Sound Editor, Phaze UK, London

Can you tell us a little bit on your time at UCLan and how you interacted with the course?

I had a lot of hands on learning which was great, and I was encouraged to explore music and other media that at the time was very unfamiliar to me. This helped me to experiment and step out of my comfort zone. At UCLAN I got much more comfortable using Logic Pro and Pro Tools, I still use Pro Tools every day for editing so this exposure to the tools early on was very important. 

The modules that I most engaged with included assignments in which we would record ‘non-musical’ objects or atmospheres and create compositions using these recordings. To me this was exciting because I was suddenly thinking outside the realms of bars and beats and concentrating more on the feeling of a piece. Of course, this can still apply when composing for conventional instruments but I found I learned a lot by experimenting with these methods. It was on these modules that I first experimented with multichannel audio which is the main format in sound post production.

This interest in sound based composition lead naturally into sound design for picture. I was introduced to sound design on a module at UCLAN, I never knew there were such jobs as a Foley artists or re-recording mixers on films so this was very interesting to me. Our first assignment was to record the sound FX for a short animation, I found it very satisfying watching the film come to life once you would sync some sounds to the actions on screen.  We often had to present our work to our peers and tutors which I found nerve wracking but I really helped me to feel more comfortable discussing creative ideas and developing them further. 

What has your career path been since graduating UCLan?

After i finished my undergrad course at UCLAN I applied for a sound design MA course at the National Film and Television School. I was lucky enough to get a place and scholarship to fund my tuition. At NFTS I spent 2 years working on short films, learning the various roles in production and post production specialising in sound editing and mixing. The film “Edmond” Directed by Nina Gantz in which I was the sound designer won a BAFTA in 2016 for the best short animation.For Edmond I won sound design awards at international film festivals and was nominated for a MPSE Golden Reel Award in LA…..(didn’t win that though.) During and after my time at NFTS I did freelance sound design work on commercials and films. 2 years ago I started working at Phaze UK in London.

Current Job - Sound Editor at Phaze UK

Im currently working as a sound editor as part of the Phaze UK team based in London. We are currently in the final mix for the latest Kingsman film directed by Matthew Vaughn. 

Recent Film & TV credits:

  • Kingsman 2 : The Golden Circle
  • My Cousin Rachel
  • Crooked House
  • No Offence (Channel 4)
  • The A Word (BBC1) 
  • Eddie The Eagle 

Outside of Film

In the new year I worked as a sound designer for the Hull Capital of culture on the video and sound installation “Arrivals and Departures” music composed by Terence Dunn.