Lee Savage -

Handwraps ep


HandWraps is a five track conceptual hip-hop EP released by producer and artist Lee Savage. The EP is inspired by the story of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao’s childhood. It takes the listener on the journey of a young boy, raised by his mother and siblings in poverty during a civil war, to become the man of the family doing all he can to provide.

Each track from this body of work is the narrative of a different character in the story, ranging from a rebel soldier at war, the struggling single mother and uncle trying to support, along with the evolution of the child, as he becomes a man.


The production on this EP features sampling, loops and beats, in the nature of the hip-hop genre, while lyricism and wordplay provide narrative. Inspired by producers such as Soundtrakk, Kanye West and The Buchanans, and artists including Lupe Fiasco and Common.

This is Lee Savage’s debut release. Lee also produces and engineers for bands and artists across a variety of genres, although specialises in hip-hop and urban music.