Jack Cheetham - Mix Technician, Abbey Road

Can you tell us a little bit on your time at UCLan and how you interacted with the course?

Joined the course with a big interest in the area of 'in the box' dance music, but throughout the course became fully engaged in developing my skills and knowledge within other areas of music production. Significantly developed skills in both recording and composition during my time at UCLAN, and synthesised a much more experimental, organic approach to both composition and music production. Became engrossed with studio practices, and spend a lot of time experimenting with outboard gear and found sound materials as a means of achieving a more organic soundscape within my work. Developed more of an interactive and dynamic approach to music production, and utilised the expertise of the lecturers and technical staff to further develop my working practices. Explored areas of sound that I had never explored before, including audio to picture/post-production which is ultimately the field that I am now working within. The course opened up a whole new world within the field of music production for me, and allowed me to develop such a broad skillset, which I put into practice on a daily basis at work.

What has your career path been since graduating UCLan?

Initially employed as a Technician for TED AV after graduating in 2013, which followed a promotion in early 2015 to Head Technician. Working within the field of live sound Engineering/mixing. Responsible for overseeing and operating all AV requirements for installations overseas. Events included bands/acoustic acts, comedy shows, musicals etc. Following on from contracts overseas, I spent 6 months within TED AVs recording facility in Luton, which included recording, mixing, music production and sound design.

Following on from this, I was employed at the beginning of 2016 at Warner Bros De lane Lea Studios in Soho, London. Working as a Studio Assistant, and fulfilling Mix Tech duties within an audio post-production environment. Work consists predominantly of feature films, including credits such as: Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, 3 Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri, as well as various short films, TV shows and Trailers.

What is your new position at Abbey Road Studios?

Beginning work as the assistant Mix Technician at Abbey Roads brand new state of the art Mix Stage for Audio Post Production in May 2017. The stage is a fully equipped Dolby Atmos setup, with IMAX Audio Compatibility.