Staff and students from BA(Hons) Music Production at UCLan recently travelled to Berlin in January to connect with the musical and artistic culture of this exciting city. The cultural significance of Berlin, especially from a contemporary music perspective, is widely acknowledged and many ‘new’ ideas and ways of composing have come out of the city.

Funded by the international bursary fund, a field trip was planned that would include a full schedule over the course of five days. Top of the list was a studio tour of ‘The Hall By The Wall’. Hansa Studios. Responsible for some of the most recognisable songs, Hansa has played a significant part in the history of popular music. David Bowie, Iggy Pop and U2 amongst many other have used Berlin as a base to gain inspiration and Hansa as the venue to record. The experience of being in the hall where ‘One’ and ‘Heroes’ was recorded was a truly inspirational experience.

I really enjoyed Berlin, I got to make some new friends while also learning about the history of Berlin. I also loved the trip to Hansa Studios, it was amazing to think we stood in the room where David Bowie’s Heroes was recorded.
— Sara – 1st Year

A visit to the Museum of Musical instruments  provided a unique insight as to how instruments have developed over time and offered opinion of what we may expect in future years. Further gallery spaces and museums were explored linking the ideas of multi-disciplinary practice. These visits underpinned the ethos of the Music Production course and students engaged with multiple pieces gaining inspiration and excitement.

Berlin was wonderful. I really enjoyed the combination of visiting musical points of interest, such as Hansa Studios and the Musical Instrument Museum, alongside visiting German historical artifacts like the Topography of Terror. It was a great, well rounded trip, and I managed to make great friendships with people from the other year groups too.
— Lauren - 3rd Year

A number of students managed to attend a Dance Music event at Mitte Power Station, a venue owned and run by Kraftwerk. Brandon Nightingale, a current first year student travelled down to Hard Wax records in Kreuzberg  where he found two of his own releases!

During my time in Berlin I stood in the hall by the wall, managed to find my own records in the legendary Hardwax, arranged two Albums with a Berlin based label, saw incredibly inspiring Art & Culture. The best part was getting to know some great people and future collaborators. Thanks Phil and Phil (and UCLAN) for an amazing journey! One I’ll never forget.
— Brandon - 1st Year

 Overall, the week was an incredibly memorable time that was packed with Music, Art, History and new experiences. Many students have already planned to go back over summer vacations and it is hoped that this trip will become an annual event providing more students each year the opportunity to vist this cultural rich and musically significant city.