Jack Cheetham - Mix Technician, Abbey Road

Jack began the course with a background of ‘in the box’ dance music. Growing fond of the technical side of Music Production, Jack continued to explore areas of sound that he had never investigated before.

Since graduating, Jack has worked as Head Technician for TED AV and Mix Technician at Warner Bros De Lane Lea Studios in London. During his time at De Lane Lea Studios Jack worked on multiple project one of which was ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'. As of May 2017, Jack has a new position at Abbey Road Studios as an Assistant Mix Technician.

The course opened up a whole new world within the field of music production for me, and allowed me to develop such a broad skillset which I put into practice on a daily basis at work.


Rob Turner - Sound Editor, Phaze UK, London

Mainly writing songs for himself while also performing in a band, Rob developed an interest in the techniques of recording music. While at UCLan, Rob took interest in ‘non-musical’ objects and atmospheres and how they could be used for composition.

“To me this was exciting because I was suddenly thinking outside the realms of bars and beats.”

Since graduating, Rob took a Masters in Sound Design at the National Film and Television School at Beaconsfield. During his Masters, Rob worked on several short films and won an award for sound design at the International Film Festival and was also nominated for a Golden Reel Award. Working as a Sound Editor at Phaze UK in London, Rob has gained multiple credits including: 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' and 'Eddie the Eagle'. 


Christina Astle-Alvares - Music and Media Tech

Through engagement on the course and working with other contemporaries Christina improved her knowledge of how to communicate in a professional manner. Whilst at UCLan Christina took advantage of the 24-hour facilities to progress her recording and mixing skills as well as engaging with the course assignments.

While still studying, Christina would volunteer for local venues around Preston as a sound engineer. After completing her studies, she began work at Salford City College in Media City as a Creative Music and Media Technician. In this position, Christina supervises: TV and Music studios, Rehearsal and Performance rooms, Equipment booking and a Radio station.

Christina continues to freelance for music festivals and events during weekends.



During his time studying Music Production, Oliver was able to explore many avenues of interest that led to new experiences in recording, composing and producing music, whilst also learning of key figures and historical movements. Oliver was constantly encouraged to step outside of his comfort zone and experiment with new ideas. Oliver was given the opportunity to be a part of the first Global Sound Movement team that travelled to Uganda to work with local communities and musicians.

After graduating Oliver was granted an internship at UCLan, after this position ended Oliver was accepted onto a postgraduate studentship, where he is now conducting research into areas of ethnomusicology, music geography and participatory design. Oliver also designs installation artworks for public spaces, and continues to compose and record music in his spare time, both by himself and collaborating with others.  



During his years as an undergraduate student at UCLan, Jack developed his interests in both musical composition and audio programming as he engaged with the wide range of modules on the Music Production course. During his studies, Jack became involved with the Global Sound Movement research project, where he built and edited a wide range of sampler instruments.   

Since graduating in 2016, Jack is now currently a PhD candidate at the University of Central Lancashire, with his research focusing on designing creative sound based interfaces for creative participation. He also works as an audio/visual artist and freelance producer. 

Rhys Pic 01.JPG

Rhys Sumner - Freelance Producer

While at UCLan, Rhys discovered different areas of music and the creative arts. Rhys also stated that both the course and his work as a student ambassador helped improve his written and presentational skills.

Since Graduating Rhys has started training as a Primary School teacher and is currently volunteering at a school as a classroom assistant. Rhys in his spare time releases music under the pseudonym ‘Saint Diskette’.  In October 2016 Rhys was invited to work alongside Imogen Heap and some other UK based graduates through the Brighter Sound programme. Additionally Rhys has collaborated with Global Sound Movement to showcase the Uganda & Cyprus samples.