Aiden Peart is a music practitioner currently composing and performing within the pop-punk outfit The Railway Children. The inspiration for this name came from the town Aiden was born and raised in, a railway town in Northern England called Crewe. Musical inspirations for The Railway Children include artists such as Man Overboard, The Front Bottoms, and Modern Baseball.

‘One More Cup of Tea’ is the debut EP from The Railway Children, and is composed and produced by Aiden Peart. This collection of songs deals with friendship, love, loss, and escapism, with lyrics written from a perspective of growing up in a brutalist environment in modern Britain. A common theme within this EP is the connection that can exist between seemingly insignificant objects, and powerful memories or emotions. The EP title ‘One More Cup of Tea’ alludes to this theme, as does the song of the same name which explores the idea further within a context specific to the artist. The title is also a reference to one of Aiden’s biggest inspirations Bob Dylan, and his song ‘One More Cup of Coffee’. The change in the title from ‘tea’ to ‘coffee’ is to invoke a stereotypical image of Britain, as well as to resonate with the other central themes of the EP.