UCLan's JAMES-accredited BA (Hons) Music Production course will open up doors to begin and further your career in the music industry.



JAMES Accreditation

'JAMES is a consortium of music, entertainment and media industry organisations collaborating in the support of education and promotion of excellence. Assessed by industry professionals, JAMES engage with the education primarily through their Course Accreditation process which has been designed to endorse relevance, quality and continuing innovation throughout the student curriculum.'


Year 1

- Composition & Arrangement
- Recording Techniques & Technologies
- Career Focus 1 / Online Profile

Year 2

- Composition & Production
- Recording & Production
- Music Sound Image
- Career Focus 2 / Live Brief

Year 3

- Composition & Innovation
- Advanced Recording & Production
- Major Project / Music & Multimedia
- Career Focus 3 / Professional Preparation

The students clearly have tremendous creative freedom. They are encouraged to be innovative and use the experience and guidance of the lecturers.
— JAMES Accreditation Panel
There is great potential for cross-curricular development in this very creative atmosphere.
— JAMES Accreditation Panel